Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyan: Report from Khoch village, Palghar district

Last Modified: Sat Apr 01 2017 09:09:42 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 51 villages
    from eight talukas of Palghar district were targeted to be drought-proofed by the end of March 2016 under the Jalyukt Shivar programme of the Maharashtra government. Construction of Farm ponds were an important part of this target-driven scheme.
  • 35 farm ponds
    were built in March this year in Khoch village in Palghar by a govt. contractor. A farm pond is typically a 100 ft x 100 ft x 10 ft hole dug out in the earth to harvest and store rainwater that can be used for the winter (rabi) crop.
  • 45 days
    in which the ponds were "hurriedly" constructed without paying heed to the advise of the local farmers. In spite of repeated warnings, the contractor built farm ponds right in the way of seasonal waterflow. Some were washed away in the rains as a result.
  • 0
    Number of ponds with any water in them. Within a month of the withdrawal of the monsoon, the ponds have completely dried up. So despite noble intentions and the money spent by the govt, villagers of Khoch not benefited at all.