UDAY Impact: Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Ltd. operational parameters tracker

Last Modified: Sun Dec 25 2016 17:37:09 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 21.05%
    Line Losses, down from 25.10% during the same period previous fiscal. An additional 3,396 lakh units were billed amounting to Rs. 288 crore (@ Rs. 8.5 per unit).
  • 96.16%
    Collection Efficiency, up from 93.68% during the same period previous fiscal. This translates to roughly Rs. 107 crore more that has been collected this fiscal.
  • 24.09%
    AT&C losses, down from 29.84% during the same period previous fiscal. [FY 2016-17 target: 24.02%]
  • 3,084,238
    Total connections (3,024,921 as of Mar 2016). 59,371 added this fiscal.
  • 1,341,394
    consumers who have defaulted on payment compared to 1,311,905 in same period previous fiscal - 29,489 more as of Sep this year.
  • Rs. 4,905 crore
    amount in payment defaults as of Sep 2016, compared to Rs. 4,505 crore in same period previous fiscal.
  • 44,791
    connections checked for theft as compared to 95,212 checked in previous fiscal.
  • 13,997
    cases of theft detected compared to 24,904 in previous fiscal.
  • Rs. 4,618 lakh
    penalties imposed on detected cases of theft of which Rs. 2,080 lakh has been recovered. Rs. 8,533.78 lakh in penalties was imposed in previous fiscal.
  • 64,923
    defective meters replaced as of Sep 2016 compared to 117,220 in previous fiscal.
  • ₹78 crore
    profit registered in the first half of this fiscal. It is the first time ever that the company has recorded a profit since its inception in July 1999.