Resources recovered by Green Distillation Technologies from old tyres

Last Modified: Fri Sep 15 2017 07:39:58 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 685,000 tyres
    processed by a single plant using GDT's 'Destructive Distillation' process. The raw material recovered includes:
  • 7,360 tonnes
    Oil. (The oil can be used as a heating fuel, direct into some stationary diesel engines or is capable of further refinement into automotive or aviation fuels).
  • 7,000 tonnes
    Carbon. (The carbon is a high grade product that can replace those sourced from fossil fuels).
  • 2,000 tonnes
    Steel. (The steel is returned directly to tyre manufacturers for reuse).
  • 19,000 tonnes
    of tyres recycled (assumes an average mix of car and truck tyres).
  • 10 kg
    (typical) car tyre will yield 4 litres of oil, 4kg of carbon, 2kg of steel.
  • 70 kg
    (typical) truck tyre will provide 27 litres of oil, 28 kg of carbon, 15 kg of steel.
  • 4 tonne
    (typical) oversize dump truck tyre will yield 1.6 tonnes of carbon, 0.8 tonne of steel and 1500 litres of oil.