Status of Uma Barrage Irrigation Project in Vidarbha

Last Modified: Sun Jan 01 2017 17:49:37 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 5,510 hectares
    area of land that the barrage is planned to irrigate. The barrage is to be built on the Purna river in Murtijapur town of Akola.
  • 21 villages
    are to be irrigated under this project.
  • 665.08 hectares
    area of land that is needed for the project.
  • 399.90 hectares
    representing 60% of total land needed has been acquired. It has taken a painful 7 years to do so. 151.29 hectares is from direct purchase.
  • 4 villages
    are going to be submerged of which Langhapur, Rohana and Pohi are to be fully rehabilitated while Mana would be partially rehabilitated, as per the officials.
  • 2009
    year of commencement of the project.
  • 7 years
    + and the project is yet to be completed. The contractor — Vaishnavi Infratech Limited — has suddenly stopped construction activities at the site from 2014 for no reasons even though the government had already released funds worth 9 crore towards escalation cost, besides mobilization allocation.
  • Rs. 92 crore
    amount spent until work was stopped in 2014.
  • 0 hectares
    of land irrigated by the project. The barrage is lying in utter neglect with silt covering most of its half-constructed portion. According to aggrieved villagers, the contractor used highly substandard material for construction, that led to deterioration of the structure.
  • Rs. 78.61 crore
    original cost of the project when approved in 2007.
  • Rs. 852.37 crore
    current revised cost for completion of the project - 11 times the original cost.