Potential of rooftop solar for commerical establishments in CBD Brisbane

Last Modified: Fri Jan 06 2017 12:51:40 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • < 1%
    of Brisbane businesses have solar.
  • 45%
    of the rooftops in Brisbane CBD are suitable for solar according to a recent survey by the Australian Photo Voltaic Institute.
  • 188 MW
    of installed capacity can be set up on these rooftops according to Dr. Renate Egan, Chairperson of the institute.
  • 241 GWh
    of electricity that could be generated, representing 11% of the current electricity demand of Brisbane CBD.
  • $207 million
    The approximate cost of installation/implementation
  • $30 million
    per year potential savings in electricity bills.
  • 7 years
    payback period. And beyond that the electricity generation would be free.
  • 145 million tonnes
    likely reduction in CO2 emissions each year.