The Largest Coal Plant In The Western U.S. Is Closing Decades Ahead Of Schedule

Last Modified: Mon Feb 27 2017 20:03:54 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 2044
    Planned year of closure of the Navajo Generating Station based on a deal the owners struck with the EPA three years ago.
  • 2019
    Year by when the plant will be actually closed and not because of regulations. Like other coal plants, the Navajo Generating Station has been struggling to compete with cheap natural gas. The plant's customers have been paying more than they would otherwise.
  • $38.5 million
    Amount that Central Arizona Project, one of the main purchasers of power from the plant would have saved in 2016 had they been able to purchase power at market rates. This only reinforces the belief that the Trump administration can slow the pace at which coal plants will be retired in the near future, but it can’t stop the process entirely or reverse it.