People resent overdrawing of groundwater by Pepsico in Kerala

Last Modified: Tue Feb 28 2017 20:34:15 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 53 acres
    Spread of Pepsico India’s bottling plant at Kanjikode near Palakkad, located in an industrial park surrounded by water-starved villages.
  • 48.5%
    of available groundwater in the region is used up by the plant. This has caused widespread resentment among the water-starved local community in drought hit Pudussery-Malampuzha belt.
  • 300 borewells
    of local farmers have turned dry even as the company is alleged by the local gram panchayat to be drawing water from 10 borewells. Though the panchayat had earlier sought the cooperation of the Groundwater Department to conduct a joint inspection, the Department was not very cooperative.
  • 6.5 lakh litres
    Water drawn by the company each day according to the panchayat. Govt orders prohibit the use of groundwater for purposes other than drinking water.