Social Enterprise Life Cykel uses recycled coffee grounds to grow mushrooms (Copy)

Last Modified: Tue Jul 05 2016 12:30:39 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 670 kgs
    The amount of mushrooms grown by Life Cykel in the period March to June. As much as 430 kgs were produced since mid May!
  • 1,193
    Home Grown Mushroom Box products sold as of Jun 2016. 793 sold in the last 6 weeks alone.
  • 19
    restaurants in Fremantle, Western Australia, are regularly sourcing their mushrooms - up from 10 in mid May.
  • 18 tonnes
    of coffee waste collected to date which would otherwise have ended up in landfill - that amounts to 6% of the estimated coffee ground (300 tonnes) that ends up in landfill annually from the 150 or so coffee houses in larger Fremantle area.
  • 7
    stockists from where you can purchase mushroom boxes or fresh mushrooms.