Hamilton Solar Farm, Queensland, Australia - Project details and construction updates

Last Modified: Mon Apr 20 2020 07:39:31 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 57.5 MW
    installed capacity of the Hamilton Solar Farm, located a few kilometres north of Collinsville in North Queensland. The project is supported by both ARENA and the Queensland Government.
  • 144 GWh
    of electricity will be generated per year.
  • 22,542
    approximate number of households that can be powered by the farm each year.
  • 77,904 tonnes
    estimated reduction in CO2 emissions each year, once the farm is operational.
  • 175.8
    hectares of land will be used for the solar farm.
  • 215,280
    Trina solar modules will be mounted on Array Technologies DuraTrack HZ v3 tracking system.
  • 4
    major organisations involved: Project Developer: Wirsol (94.9%) and Edify Energy (5.1%), EPC and O&M: Bouygues Construction Australia, Distribution: ERM Power (short-term).
  • $122.4 million
    project cost.
  • 200
    peak jobs during construction phase.
  • ?
    FTE during operational phase.
  • 1Q 2017
    Installation of the solar panels expected to begin, with completion planned by 1Q 2018.
  • 13 Mar 2017
    Edify secures a long-term syndicated debt facility that will be provided by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) and NORD/LB.
  • Mar 2017
    ERM Power announced the signing of a power and Large-scale Generation Certificate (LGC) offtake agreement with Edify Energy and Wirsol.
  • 17 May 2017
    Connection agreement signed with Powerlink. The farm, along with Edify Energy's Whitsunday Solar Farm, will connect to Powerlink’s network via its existing substation at Strathmore. Powerlink will build a dedicated 132kV transmission line and substation for the two connections, and will add an additional transformer bay at its Strathmore Substation.
  • 29 Nov 2017
    Project update with birds eye view of the installation.
  • Feb 2018
    70 tonne Transformer being installed at the Strathmore substation near Collinsville that will connect the farm to the electricity transmission network from March. Works being executed by Powerlink. The transformers arrived at the Port of Brisbane in mid-January and were transported more than 1250 km by road to site.
  • 14 Mar 2018
    The farm is set to be connected to the grid shortly.
  • 06 Aug 2018
    Solar panels being cleaned in preparation for the project to be commissioned.