Reid Gardner Station coal-fired power plant shuts down

Last Modified: Sat Mar 18 2017 00:38:08 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 612 MW
    Installed capacity of the Reid Gardner Station coal-fired power station owned and operated by NV Energy near Moapa, Nevada.
  • 4 units
    Number of units that make up the plant. Individual installed capacities along with and in-Service Dates: 114 MW (1965), 114 MW (1968), 114 MW (1976), 270 MW (1983).
  • 100 - 250
    Number of employees at the plant.
  • 5,259,000 tons
    CO2 emissions (2007 levels).
  • 2,015 tons
    SO2 Emissions (2006 levels).
  • 3 units
    closed down in 2014.
  • 16 Mar 2017
    9:00 AM - 4th and last unit of the plant closed. With multiple solar and natural gas-powered facilities coming online, the plant found itself replaced and no longer necessary, according to NV Energy.
  • 7x
    Amount of power that the new, cleaner energy stations are able to produce than the coal plant, while keeping emissions low.
  • 0
    job losses on account of closure. "We've been able to redeploy the employees that have worked here at our other facilities," said Starla Lacy, VP of Environmental Safety and Land Resources at NV Energy.