Melbourne city's 1200 Buildings program

Last Modified: Mon Mar 27 2017 09:01:03 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 72%
    Percentage of Melbourne's Greenhouse Gas emissions on account of its commercial buildings.
  • 2020
    Year that Melbourne city aims to be carbon neutral city.
  • 1,200
    buildings, representing two-thirds of Melbourne's commercial buildings (of any size or type), need to be retrofitted for the city to achieve its carbon neutral target.
  • 2
    Primary areas of focus for the retrofit: Energy Efficiency and Water Efficiency.
  • 383,000 tonnes
    of CO2 can be mitigated each year through this initiative.
  • $2 billion
    Estimated investment that will be generated in the private sector through this program.
  • 8,000
    Estimated new jobs that will be created.
  • 2010
    Year the program was initiated.