India: List of stalled and stranded Hydro Electric Projects [Jul 2017]

Last Modified: Mon Jul 31 2017 19:11:02 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 15
    Number of stalled or stranded hydro electric projects based on reply by Minister of Power in Parliament.
  • 5,992 MW
    potential capacity of the stalled or stranded projects. Total installed capacity hydro in the country stands at: 44,413 MW
  • 960 MW
    Polavaram, Andhra Pradesh. Developer: Polavaram Project Authority. Reasons for delay: Slow progress of works due to funds constraints.
  • 2,000 MW
    Subansiri Lower, Arunachal Pradesh/Assam. Developer: NHPC Ltd. Reasons for delay: Since 16.12.2011 works stopped due to agitation by various activists, fearing dam safety and downstream impacts of dam.
  • 130 MW
    Kashang I & II, Himachal Pradesh. Developer: HPPCL. Reasons for delay: Works on KK Link tunnel could not start due to agitation by Lippa villagers.
  • 850 MW
    Ratle, Jammu & Kashmi. Developer: GVK Ratle Hydro Electric Project Pvt Ltd. Reasons for delay: No progress since July, 2014. (Local issues/Indus Water Treaty Issues/Issues with State Govt.)
  • 60 MW
    Pallivasal, Kerala. Developer: KSEB. Reasons for delay: NA
  • 40 MW
    Tottiyar, Kerala. Developer: KSEB. Reasons for delay: The contractor has put forward a proposal for foreclosure of the Project due to their financial stringency.
  • 400 MW
    Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh. Developer: SMHPCL. Reasons for delay: Works suspended since Nov-11 due to cash flow problem with developer.
  • 80 MW
    Koyna Left Bank, Maharashta. Developer: WRD, Maharasthra. Reasons for delay: Current expenditure on project has reached to almost original administrative approved cost level hence expenditure on the project is stopped.
  • 206 MW
    Shahpurkandi, Punja. Developer: PSPCL. Reasons for delay: Works of Dam (J&K side) stopped since 30.08.2014 due to inter-state disputes between Punjab and J&K Government.
  • 500 MW
    Teesta VI, Sikkim. Developer: Lanco Teesta Hydro Power Ltd. Reasons for delay: Almost no progress since April, 2014 (Funds Constraints).
  • 120 MW
    Rangit-IV, Sikkim Developer: Jal Power Corp. Reasons for delay: Works stopped since Oct-13 due to cash flow problem with developer.
  • 300 MW
    Panan, Sikkim Developer: Himagiri Hydro Energy Pvt Ltd. Reasons for delay: Major civil works held up for want of NGT Clearance. However, since there is no stay, developers informed that work to start shortly.
  • 171 MW
    Lata Tapovan, Uttarakhand. Developer: NTPC. Reasons for delay: Construction work stopped vide Hon’ble Supreme Court order dated 7.5.2014.
  • 76 MW
    Phata Byung, Uttarakhand. Developer: Lanco Infrastructure. Reasons for delay: Works affected due to flash flood in June, 2013. Slow pace of works & financial constraints.
  • 99 MW
    Singoli Bathwari, Uttarakhand. Developer: Larsen & Tubro. Reasons for delay: Slow pace of works.