Energy Efficiency scheme launched in Bihar

Last Modified: Fri May 12 2017 18:17:23 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 11 May 2017
    The UJALA scheme to distribute efficient appliances was launched in the state today. Under the scheme, EESL will make available efficient LED tubelights and BEE-5 star rated energy efficient fans.
  • -
    domestic 9W LED bulbs will be made available at Rs. 60 per bulb instead of the market price of Rs. 300 - Rs. 350. The state so far has already distributed over 1,30,06,848 LED bulbs as part of the domestic efficient lighting upgrade initiative that was underway for several months.
  • 2 lakh
    fans (50 W, BEE 5 star rated) at a subsidised price of Rs. 1,150 (market price Rs. 1,800).
  • 50 lakh
    LED tubelights (20 W) at a subsidised price of Rs. 230 (market price Rs. 800).
  • 10 lakh
    households across the state to benefit.
  • Rs. 83 crore
    Estimated annual savings in electricity bills for all consumers combined.
  • 24,000 MWh
    savings in electricity each year through use of efficient appliances.