IKEA aims to halve food waste at its restaurants

Last Modified: Mon Jun 26 2017 06:36:29 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 400
    Number of in-store self-service outlets that Ikea - the No.1 furniture retailer in the world - operates, making it one of the world's biggest restaurant chains.
  • 300 kgs
    Average food wasted at each of its restaurant, each day according to Ylva Magnusson, a spokeswoman for IKEA Food Services.
  • 650 million
    people visited IKEA restaurants last year.
  • 43,000 tons
    of food estimated to be wasted annually at all the IKEA restaurants combined.
  • 84
    restaurants were part of a pilot scheme launched in Dec 2016 which measured what was thrown away, and at what time of the day and week.
  • 79 tons
    reduction in food waste that was achieved based on findings of the pilot initiative.
  • 880,000 euros
    Average savings IKEA was able to derive from the pilot initiative. According to Magnusson the learning will now be rolled out across all markets.
  • 50%
    Percentage by which IKEA aims to reduce its food waste by year 2020 to save money and reduce its environmental footprint.