The Making Of Sapphire Wind Farm

Last Modified: Thu May 28 2020 05:50:43 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • Jan 2017
    Start of construction with completion estimated in 18 months to two years.
  • Mar 2017
    Site office established.
  • Apr 2017
    Foundations are now in place for the first of the 75 wind turbines
  • Jun 2017
    Construction will shortly commence on the substation that transports the power from the wind farm to the grid. Over 50 workers will be deployed.
  • 25 Jul 2017
    Shipment arrives at the Port of Newcastle in New South Wales aboard the vessel Helvetia. The consignment is the first of eight shipments scheduled over the next nine months.
  • Jul 2017
    Watch video on the manufacturing of a 33/330kV 190MVA transformer by Wilson Transformers in Melbourne
  • 08 Aug 2017
    Concrete screeding work at various turbine foundations.
  • 15 Aug 2017
    A 150 tonne transformer is on its way, along the New England Highway in Glen Innes to the farm site. Manufactured by Melbourne based Wilson Transformers Company, the transformer is 11 metres long and about 6 metres in height and width.
  • 15 Aug 2017
    9,463 meters of underground cables laid by The Wolf Energy since 01 Aug 2017.
  • 28 Aug 2017
    Transformer No 2 makes it way to the farm.
  • 08 Sep 2017
    Foundation work for tower 50 starts. A typical pour for a foundation takes around 580 cubic metres of concrete according to Patric Millar of CWP Renewables. This translates into the rough equivalent of around 39 average house slabs!
  • Sep 2017
    Substation under construction by TransGrid.
  • 29 Sep 2017
    First tower section erected at Sapphire Wind Farm!
  • 09 Oct 2017
    First blade arrives at the farm!
  • 16 Oct 2017
    Wolf Energy complete laying of cable in the '3rd Collector Group'. Wolf Energy won the contract to perform Clear and Grade, Trenching, Bedding and Cable laying including rehabilitation on behalf of Zenviron. The $5 million dollar contract is due for completion in late December 2017.
  • 23 Oct 2017
    First nacelle arrives at the farm.
  • 24 Oct 2017
    First turbine rotor arrives at the farm.
  • 01 Nov 2017
    Erection of first turbine underway.
  • 05 Dec 2017
    Blade making its way to the top of a tower.
  • 08 Dec 2017
    Construction of sub-station completed.
  • 11 Dec 2017
    The 75th and final foundation pour being completed.
  • 19 Dec 2017
    Turbine sections being transported to site.
  • 14 Jan 2018
    46 kilometres of roadway, 640 kilometres of cabling and 28 high-voltage power poles constructed.
  • 22 Feb 2018
    Cable laying work completed. 89,000 meters of trenching, over 300,000 meters of HV cable, 89,000 meters of Fibre and the project completed LTI and First Aid free.
  • 30 Apr 2018
    30 of 75 Tower erections completed
  • 01 May 2018
    The ACT government announces 28 turbines are in place and operating, and now helping to supply the ACT as part of its 100 per cent renewable electricity target. The ACT-supported part of Sapphire wind farm will power around 48,000 ACT homes – contributing about 12 per cent towards our renewable electricity target.
  • 29 May 2018
    Vestas towers, nacelles, blades and rotors at the Port of Newcastle, awaiting transport up to the Sapphire Wind Farm.
  • Nov 2018
    Construction complete and the farm is fully operational.