Melbourne based SEA Electric delivers first fleet of 100% electric commerical vehicles

Last Modified: Fri Jan 05 2018 10:54:26 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 12 Jul 2017
    Melbourne based SEA Electric (SEA Automotive Pty Ltd) handed the first fleet of 100% electric commercial vehicles to Kings Transport. (See Related Content for more on SEA Electric).'
  • 9
    Number of the trucks that were delivered. These will join Kings Transport's existing fleet of 1,500 delivery trucks. Models supplied include 3 EV10 and 6 of other models/variants.
  • 180 km
    Distance the EV10 model can travel on a single charge.
  • 10 tonnes
    Carrying capacity.
  • 120 kWh
    Battery capacity
  • $517,000
    Funding received by SEA Automotive Pty Ltd from the Victorian Government last year to develop a commercial electric vehicle manufacturing facility, one of the first recipients to gain support under the Government’s New Energy Jobs Fund.