Pakistan's soaring population: A disaster in the making?

Last Modified: Sun Sep 17 2017 12:31:09 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 207.7 million
    Pakistan's population according to a preliminary result from a new national census, the first conducted since 1998.
  • 5th
    Pakistan's ranking among list of most populous nations, behind China, India, the United States and Indonesia.
  • 22
    births per 1,000 people - the country's birth rate is on a par with Bolivia and Haiti, and among the highest outside Africa.
  • 60%
    Percentage of the population younger than 30.
  • 33%
    of Pakistanis living in poverty.
  • 58%
    Literacy rate.
  • 57%
    Surge in growth in population since last census, the chief causes, according to population experts, include religious taboos, political timidity and public ignorance, especially in rural areas.
  • 66%
    Percentage of married Pakistani women that do not use any form of birth control, and the only family-planning method sanctioned by most Islamic clerics is spacing births by breast-feeding newborns for two years.