National Thermal Power Corporation of India: Operational and Under Construction generation capacity

Last Modified: Mon Nov 16 2020 01:06:46 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 62,918 MW
    total installed capacity (~15% of India's capacity), generated from 71 plants, 25 of which are JVs.
  • 51,904 MW
    Coal based generation capacity. 45,410 MW from 24 fully owned units and 6,494 MW from 9 units owned by JV/Subsidiaries.
  • 6,511 MW
    Gas/Liquid Fuel based generation capacity. 4,017 MW from 7 fully owned units and 2,494 MW from 4 units owned by JV/Subsidiaries.
  • 3,425 MW
    Hydro based generation capacity. 800 MW from 1 fully owned units and 2,625 MW from 8 units owned by JV/Subsidiaries.
  • 32 MW
    Small Hydro based generation capacity. 8 MW from 1 fully owned unit and 24 MW from 1 unit owned by JV/Subsidiary.
  • 883 MW
    Solar PV based generation capacity. 878 MW from 12 fully owned units and 5 MW from 1 unit owned by JV/Subsidiaries.
  • 163 MW
    Wind based generation capacity. 50 MW from 1 fully owned unit and 113 MW from 2 units owned by JV/Subsidiaries.
  • 15,630 MW
    Coal-based capacity that is currently under construction. “We have taken the decision not to acquire any further land for green field thermal projects in near future and the focus will be on reducing the carbon foot print,” NTPC CMD Gurdeep Singh recently said in its latest annual general meeting.
  • 2,348 MW
    Renewable Energy capacity under various stages of construction. Also, NTPC has recently floated separate tenders to acquire 1,000 MW of operational solar plants and build 1,070 MW solar plant in Rajasthan. Discussions are also in progress with the state governments of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh for allocation of land parcels for projects under the Ultra Mega Renewable Energy Power Parks scheme.
  • 30%
    of the 130,000 MW generation capacity that NTPC plans to build by 2032, will be based on non-thermal energy sources. With rising environmental concerns and falling tariffs of renewable energy, the company has decided to diversify its generation portfolio. In another 12 years, NTPC wants to have a base of 32,000 MW renewables, 5,000 MW hydro and another 2,000 MW of nuclear power plants.