Energy Efficiency Services Limited's smart meter procurement

Last Modified: Mon Apr 02 2018 12:11:39 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 5 million
    Number of smart meters that will be procured by Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL). These will be installed as part of an overall Advanced Metering Infrastructure Solutions (AMI) aimed at better demand response designed to reduce energy consumption during peak hours.
  • 14
    Number of companies that bid for the tender floated by EESL.
  • Rs. 5,000
    Floor price set by EESL per meter.
  • Rs. 2,722
    Price per meter quoted by infrastructure major Larsen & Toubro, the lowest bidder and is eligible for 50% of the order. EESL may also place the remainder of the order on 5 other bidders.
  • 2
    States where the meters will be installed. 4 million smart meters will be deployed in Uttar Pradesh and the remaining 1 million in Haryana to help them grapple with huge AT&C losses (34.36% and 28.42%).
  • 31 Oct 2017
    EESL will open bid for selection of the system integrator for the total AMI solution.
  • 250 million
    Conventional meters that will be replaced by smart meters as part of EESL's SmartMeter National Programme The meters will be installed for consumers with consumption of more than 200 units (KWh) and expected to be completed by Mar 2020.
  • 10 million
    Current aggregated demand across the country which EESL aims to service through multiple tenders.
  • Mar 2018
    EESL floats second tender for procurement of smart meters. “As of now, we have demand from Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu for smart meters,” Saurabh Kumar, managing director, EESL, informed the Economic Times.
  • 5 million
    Number of smart meters that will be procured as part of the 2nd tender.
  • 40
    companies participated in the pre-bid meeting.