Farmers in Victoria turn to renewables to achieve energy self sufficiency

Last Modified: Mon Nov 20 2017 08:17:52 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 650 KWp
    solar system that Plunkett Orchards will set up at its fruit production and packing enterprise at Ardmona. The company expects to offset grid power that they draw and pay $350,000 annually and expected to increase by a further 40%.
  • $350,000
    Annual electricity bills that Kia-Ora Piggery hopes to wipe out entirely by converting 12 Ford Falcon motors to feed gas from its effluent to power operations. The piggery generates 150 cubic metres of biogas (methane) an hour which will now be used to power to motors.
  • 1.5 MWp
    generation capacity of a solar system that Hardwick Meatworks plans to set up at its Kyneton abattoir along with a 1.5 MW battery backup. The move would help the company protect up to $10 million of meat stored at any one time in the event of a grid failure, besides slice a third off its $1.2 million annual power bill.