Can a coal power plant be turned 'green'?

Last Modified: Fri Jan 12 2018 07:43:53 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • $400,000
    ARENA funding for a feasibility study that will take household rubbish and convert it into “refuse derived fuel” (RDF) a product that can be burned in place of coal. EnergyAustralia, which runs the Mount Piper coal powered station would then use that fuel to power a hybrid boiler used to preheat steam that is used in early stages of the power generating process.
  • 100,000 tonnes
    of RDF that the plant will be able to consume should the technology succeed.
  • 37,000 MW
    renewable energy generation capacity that would be created that would replace coal.
  • 60,000 tonnes
    reduction in CO2 emission per year even as the plant generates the same amount of electricity.