Cattle Hill Wind Farm, Tasmania, Australia

Last Modified: Sun Feb 02 2020 06:26:52 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 148 MW
    generation capacity of the Cattle Hill Wind Farm,located on the eastern shore of Lake Echo in the southern side of the Central Plateau of Tasmania.
  • 440 GWh
    of electricity will be generated each year.
  • 63,500
    approximate number of households that can be powered by the farm each year.
  • ? tonnes
    estimated reduction in GHG emissions once the farm is operational.
  • 3,500 hectares
    The site extends across this area of largely a ridge averaging approximately 900 m in elevation and is accessed through Bashan Road and Monpeelyata Road. Electricity generated at the Cattle Hill windfarm will be transmitted by a 3km-long 220kV power transmission line to the nearby Waddamana substation, which is owned and operated by TasNetworks.
  • 49
    turbines will be used.
  • 11
    major organisations involved: 1) Project owner and developer: Powerchina Resources, Goldwind 2) EPC & O&M: Hazell Brothers 3) Power distribution: Aurora Energy. 4) RJE - balance of plant (BOP) electrical works, Entura - Owner's Engineer, Zinfra - principal contractor, appointed by TasNetworks, Gradco - road upgrades, Boom Logistics - installation of the wind turbine generators, Goldwind - Turbines, Crisp Bros & Haywards - tower components.
  • $300 million
    estimated project cost.
  • 150
    peak jobs during construction phase.
  • 10
    permanent jobs during operational phase.
  • 2018
    Planned start of construction early part of the year with completion likely in 2019.
  • 06 Jun 2017
    Goldwind signs in-principle agreement with state-owned power retailer Aurora Energy.
  • 13 Oct 2017
    AURORA Energy and Goldwind announce that the in-principle agreement has become unconditional, paving the way for the construction. The partnership will enable Aurora Energy to meet its obligations under national renewable energy legislation through the purchase of Tasmanian generated renewable energy certificates produced by the wind farm.
  • 14 Nov 2017
    TasNetworks and Goldwind sign Connection Agreement. The Connection Agreement sets out the terms and conditions through which the wind farm is able to successfully connect to TasNetworks’ transmission network and is another key step in paving the way for construction.
  • 21 May 2018
    Goldwind signs agreement with Tasmania based Hazell Brothers as preferred contractor for the full civil and electrical works for the wind farm. Earlier in the month, Powerchina Resources Ltd (PCR) was advised by Allens and Linklaters on its purchase of an 80% stake in the project. Goldwind will retain the remaining 20% stake in the project.
  • 21 May 2018
    Construction on the farm underway with signing of contract with Hazell Brothers and successful completion of site works.
  • $120,000
    Size of annual funding to local community that the project is in the process of setting up.
  • 02 Jul 2018
    Entura named Owner's Engineer for the project.
  • Sep 2018
    Launceston company Gradco named to undertake $10 million worth of road upgrades in Tasmania, allowing for the delivery of wind turbine components to the site.
  • Oct 2018
    Goldwind announce trials of IdentiFlight technology in a bid to mitigate impacts on the endangered Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle and the Sea Eagle.
  • Feb 2019
    Boom Logistics awarded contract to undertake the installation of 48 wind turbine generators (WTG). The installation will include the lifting, mechanical and electrical installation of the generators as Boom embarks on its first contract with the company. Boom to mobilise 8 cranes to Tasmania, including two 750-tonne capacity cranes to lift 3 mega watts Goldwind turbines to a hub height of 100 metres.
  • 17 Feb 2019
    Hayward’s Steel Fabrication announced it has been contacted to make the towers for the Cattle Hill Wind Farm. The project is worth more than $4 million.
  • Mar 2019
    Turbine blades and components make their way the project site.
  • 09 May 2019
    First wind turbine unveiled.
  • Jun 2019
    The concrete footing foundations for the 48 wind turbines is now complete and works progress smoothly despite snowy conditions. Around half of the wind turbine towers have been pre-installed in anticipation of full turbine erection in the coming months. Over half of the Goldwind wind turbine components delivered to site.
  • 26 Jul 2019
    The substation and transmission line to link to the Cattle Hill Wind Farm to the transmission network has been completed and energised by TasNetworks.
  • 31 Oct 2019
    Final Goldwind wind turbine generator components delivered to site.
  • 09 Dec 2019
    Project started sending power to the grid, with the first turbine connected to the Tasmanian transmission network and generating electricity.
  • 14 Jan 2020
    The Cattle Hill wind farm has begun production!