World's first US-Australia flight using biofuel

Last Modified: Mon Feb 05 2018 07:49:24 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 28 Jan 2018
    The world’s first dedicated biofuel flight between the United States and Australia, QF96 from Los Angeles to Melbourne,departed this day.
  • 24,000 kg
    Approximate quantity of biofuel - processed from Brassica Carinata, a non-food, industrial type of mustard seed, developed by Canadian-based agricultural-technology company, Agrisoma Biosciences (Agrisoma) - was used for the flight.
  • 10%
    Percentage of biofuel blend used for the flight which will result in 7% reduction in emissions compared to normal operations.
  • 18 tonnes
    reduction in carbon emissions on account of this flight alone.
  • 80%
    estimated reduction in carbon emissions on use of Carinata-derived biofuel (without blending) as compared to traditional fuel.
  • 18 Nov 2017
    Qantas signed landmark partnership with Canada based Agrisoma - the two will work together with Australian farmers to grow the country’s first commercial aviation biofuel seed crop by 2020.