Australia: Small scale rooftop solar - generation capacity added in 2018

Last Modified: Mon Dec 17 2018 09:55:48 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 1,248 MW
    capacity added (< 100 kW) so far this year (Jan - Oct).
  • 7,989 MW
    cumulative generation capacity based on small scale solar PV (< 100kW).
  • 1.97 million
    homes and businesses with rooftop installations.
  • 111 MW
  • 117.4 MW
  • 127 MW
  • 109 MW
  • 131.7 MW
    May - 18,917 small-scale rooftop solar installations during May, which generated enough electricity to power 38,203 homes. Green Energy Markets, which tracks these installations also estimates owners who installed systems in May are set to save a combined $233 million in energy bill savings over the next decade. This capacity is now the new monthly record and marks the eighth consecutive month of installs topping 100 MW.
  • 126 MW
  • 100.9 MW
  • 142 MW
    Aug - now the new all time monthly record.
  • 125 MW
    Sep - YTD total now at 1.09GW and beats the 2017 total with three months left in the year!
  • 158 MW
    Oct - yet another record set, 15% above the previous record set in August. The remarkable trend in the latest month is the performance of Victoria, where volumes surged 40 per cent to 37.6MW for the month, just trailing NSW (39MW) as the hottest market in the country, and relegating Queensland to third place.