Energy Efficiency Services Limited to push for adoption of International Efficiency 3 electric motors

Last Modified: Sat Feb 24 2018 04:33:16 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 21%
    Percentage of energy consumption in India that can be attributed to use of electrical energy - especially electric motors - across all sectors. Any measure taken to increase the efficiency of electric motors will therefore lead to significant savings and reduction on energy demand in the country.
  • 11 million
    Estimated number of motors in use in India.
  • 99%
    Percentage of these motors that are at International Efficiency 1 (IE - 1) or non - IE standard.
  • 15%
    Percentage reduction in electricity usage of motors developed by EESL - these motors conform to the IE - 3 standard. EESL currently is in a position to offer IE - 3 motors in the 1.1 KW to 22 KW range and plans to introduce motors > 22KW in due course.
  • 15,000 GWh
    Estimated savings in annual electricity consumption if all the existing motors were to be replaced by IE- 3 standard motors.
  • 6,000 MW
    of generation capacity that can be offset if the motors are replaced - equivalent to 24 average thermal power generating units in India (~250 MW)
  • 120,000
    Number of motors that EESL will seek to replace in Phase I of a nation-wide programme which would save 175 million KWh of electricity.
  • 200,000
    Number of motors that EESL will seek to replace in Phase II of the programme.