Minara Masjid - first mosque in Mumbai to switch to solar

Last Modified: Sun Mar 11 2018 17:39:30 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 15 KWp
    generation capacity of the solar system installed at the Minara Masjid, located at Mohammad Ali Road in Mumbai. “Apart from the monetary savings, the idea is to tell devotees about the importance of reduction in carbon emissions from the environment,” - Abdul Wahab, trustee, Minara Masjid trust.
  • 46
    solar panels installed in all. The system has been installed by Green Power Projects Pvt. Ltd. A net-metering system has been installed, which allows surplus power generated by solar to be exported back to the grid and any deficiency is imported from the grid.
  • 70 KWh
    electricity generated on a sunny day that drops to 45 kWh when there is partly cloudy sky. The system powers lights, fans and air conditioners at all common areas within the mosque. The system will generate 21,500 kWh annually.
  • 50%
    reduction in monthly electricity bill in the 4 months since the installation of the system in January 2017.
  • Rs. 25,000
    Estimated monthly reduction in electricity expenses. “Our monthly electricity bill has cut down to Rs 25,000 as opposed to Rs 50,000 that we had to pay before the solar power installation." - Abdul Wahab, trustee, Minara Masjid trust.
  • Rs. 11.8 lakh
    Cost of the project which is estimated to be recovered in 5 years.