Coal shortage hits power generation in Maharashtra, consumers may have to pay more

Last Modified: Sun Mar 18 2018 13:04:37 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • Rs 3.79
    Amount Maharashtra's discom, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd (MSEDCL), pays per KWh of electricity it purchases from producers with which it has long term purchase agreements. 19,600 MW of capacity has been contracted under this rate.
  • Rs. 3.94
    Cost of power purchased per KWh by MSEDCL through short term contracts.
  • Rs 4.68
    Cost of power per KWh purchased from the exchanges.
  • Rs. 1.11
    Difference in cost of purchase per KWh between power purchased through long term contracts and from the exchange. The extra expense incurred by the discom will be recovered from consumers.
  • 14,000 MW
    Generation capacity that is operational on an average in Mar 2018 and in a position to provide power as against the actual demand of 18,700 and total capacity of 19,600. The low generation is due to coal shortage in power plants.