As more Indians take to the skies, airport infrastructure unable to keep pace

Last Modified: Thu Mar 22 2018 16:04:53 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 317 million
    Capacity of the country's entire airport network according to the Centre for Aviation (CAPA).
  • 265 million
    Number of domestic passengers handled across all airport in 2016.
  • 300 million
    Estimated number of domestic passengers that would pass through all airports in 2018 - just 17 million shy of the total handling capacity.
  • 44 million
    Total number of Indians who traveled by air in the year 2008.
  • 478 million
    CAPA's estimate of number of Indian flyers by 2036, it also estimates India will overtake Britain as the world's third-largest market by 2025.
  • 20%
    Percentage increase in flights every year over the last three years, stretching many airports to breaking point.
  • 10
    Number of airports - including Dehradun, Jaipur, Guwahati, Mangalore, Srinagar and Pune - that are already operating beyond their capacity, CAPA said in a report released in Feb 2018. Others are nearing their limit.
  • 30 - 40
    Of India's top airports that will be performing beyond their capacity in the next five to seven years - Binit Somaia, South Asia Director at CAPA.
  • Rs. 2,91,800 crore
    Investment by 2030 that CAPA estimates, India will need to build infrastructure needed to to keep up with demand.
  • Rs. 3,976 crore
    Amount allocated in the latest budget to the Airports Authority of India to expand facilities.