Australian Mining Sector: Energy consumption

Last Modified: Mon Apr 30 2018 16:09:40 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 10%
    Percentage of Australia’s total energy use that is consumed by its mining sector (roughly 500 petajoules per year). The consumption has risen at 6.0% per annum over the last decade, driven primarily by increased mining volumes.
  • 41%
    Percentage of total consumption in the sector is derived from diesel. The fuel is used primarily to operate machinery and vehicles. The percentage contribution from diesel has fallen from 49% to 41% over the last decade and been largely replaced by natural gas and grid electricity, as infrastructure develops and oil prices continue to show volatility.
  • 33%
    Natural Gas.
  • 22%
    Electricity sourced from the grid.
  • 4%
    Mix of other refined fuels, coal, LPG, renewables, and biofuels.