India: Number of premature deaths that can be potentially avoided annually by implementing measures to curb pollution

Last Modified: Sat Jun 23 2018 22:17:37 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 124,300
    Measure: New emission standards for existing and under construction thermal power plants.
  • 176,000
    Measure: Households reduce use of solid fuels by 50%.
  • 184,000
    Measure: Introduction of new emission standards in industry sector.
  • 82,700
    Measure: Switch to Zig Zag kilns for making bricks.
  • 54,800
    Measure: Abandon crop burning altogether.
  • 53,100
    Measure: Implement stronger oil sulfur limits.
  • 43,700
    Measure: Application of Bharat standards.
  • 45,500
    Measure: Reduction in burning of municipal solid waste.
  • 41,600
    Measure: Implementation of dust control.
  • 32,600
    Measure: Slow down oil consumption growth.
  • 29,900
    Measure: Reduction is use of diesel gensets.
  • 26,200
    Measure: Cancelling the construction of proposed coal-fired power plants not yet under construction.