City of Newcastle: Efficient Street Lights program

Last Modified: Mon Jun 15 2020 07:20:27 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 14,000
    Total number of sodium and mercury vapour street lights in residential areas of the city prior to the start of upgrade to energy efficient LED street lights. These lights are maintained by AusGrid. Around 2,000 have been upgraded prior to Aug 2018.
  • 5,312
    Number of street lights that will be upgraded in Phase 2 of the program. The old lights take 95 Watts to power - the LEDs use just 17 Watts. The upgrades are in keeping with council's 2020 carbon and water management targets of using 30 per cent less electricity and for 80% of all street lighting to use LEDs.
  • ?
    Average annual cost incurred by the council on electricity and maintenance.
  • 1.38 GWh
    Projected annual savings in consumption once the upgrades are completed - or nearly 10 per cent of Council’s entire electricity usage.
  • $300,000
    Annual savings in electricity costs
  • $73,000
    Annual savings in maintenance costs.
  • ? tonnes
    Estimated annual reduction in CO2 equivalent emissions. In addition, council will be able to obtain a one-off energy saving certificate payment of $355,000 issued by the NSW Government.
  • ?
    estimated cost of the project.
  • ?
    Expected pay back period.
  • 12 Dec 2018
    Ausgrid crews begin switching streetlights to LEDs. Ausgrid Chief Operating Officer Trevor Armstrong and Newcastle Deputy Lord Mayor Declan Clausen were on site to mark the kick off.