Solar Energy Target: Tamil Nadu, India

Last Modified: Mon Oct 15 2018 17:35:38 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 2012
    Year the state announced its solar energy target via a formal solar policy framework.
  • 3,000 MW
    generation capacity based on solar energy to be set up by 2015.
  • 300,000
    Number of houses on which the state would aim to install rooftop solar systems with the aid of subsidies by 2015.
  • 100,000
    Number of solar powered street lights to be installed across the state by 2015.
  • 2,365 MW
    Generation capacity set up to date as against the target of 3,000 MW (79% of target achieved).
  • 193
    Number of large-scale solar generators which produce 2,221 MW have been commissioned.
  • 8,000
    Number of rooftops systems that have been installed to date as against the target of 300,000, generating 144 MW.
  • 2018
    Revised targets based on renewed solar policy of 2018.
  • 8,884 MW
    Generation capacity to be set up by year 2022.
  • 40%
    Percentage of capacity to be achieved through rooftop solar systems.