Water needed by Nagpur city and surrounding regions for domestic, power and irrigation purposes

Last Modified: Fri Oct 19 2018 14:02:54 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 200,000 million litres
    Required by Nagpur Municipal Corporation to supply water to the city of Nagpur during a water year that starts from 01 Nov to 31 Oct of the following year. Around 170,000 million litres is needed for domestic consumption while 30,000 million litres is for non-domestic purposes.
  • 150,000 million litres
    Volume of water that NMC seeks to obtain from the Totladoh Dam and Kamthi Khairy Dam and an additional 50,000 million litres it draws directly from the Kanhan river, and sometimes from the Gorewada lake. Each year the NMC, makes a submission (around mid Oct) of its needs to the Water Resoures Department which then decides on the allocation for the 'water year'based on levels in both the dams.
  • 2,000 million litres
    Water requirements of the towns of Kalmeshwar and Parsheoni.
  • 40,000 million litres
    Water needed by 2 nearby thermal power stations - Khaperkheda TPS and Karodi.TPS.
  • 80,000 million litres
    Water lost through evaporation through the course of the water year.
  • 200,000 million litres
    Water supplied by WRD each year for irrigation purposes, especially paddy growers of Ramtek, Mauda, Parsheoni tehsils in the district, and Bhandara and Mohadi tehsils in Bhandara district, through the 1,800km canals of Pench reservoirs continuously between September and November. Water typically supplied in three rounds.
  • 520,000 - 660,000 million litres
    Total water requirements through the year for all three purposes. Demand for almost entire need is from the Totladoh Dam and the Kamthi Khairy Dam - both built over the Pench river.