Water Watch: Water supply in Nagpur city and surrounding regions

Last Modified: Sun Jun 02 2019 09:09:54 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 120,000 million litres
    Minimum requirement for Nagpur city over the next 8 months (Oct - Jun) @ 15,000 million litres / month.
  • 20,000 million litres
    Minimum water that will be drawn by the 2 thermal power stations - Khaparkheda and Koradi.
  • 2,000 million litres
    Water needed by the nearby towns of Kalmeshwar and Parsheoni.
  • 200,000 million litres
    Water needed for irrigation purposes during the Rabi season (Oct - Mar).
  • 237,000 million litres
    Water available in the Totladoh Dam and Kamthi Khairy Dam. At these low capacities so early post monsoon, it is clear that Water Resources Department will not be able to supply water to farmers during the Rabi season.