Water Watch: Water supply in Latur

Last Modified: Sun Jun 02 2019 09:10:40 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 177,000 million litres
    Volume of live storage water in the Manjara reservoir on 31 Oct 2017, i.e. at 100% of its live storage capacity. That volume of water, according to experts, ought to have been adequate to fulfil drinking, irrigation and industrial requirements for up to three years of moderate or even low rainfall.
  • 0 million litres
    Volume of live storage water in the Manjara reservoir as of last date of update. This means, in order to supply water to the city, it needs to be pumped from the reservoir's dead storage capacity of 47,000 million litres. This entirely avoidable situation is due to indiscriminate release of water to cane farms that has exhausted the precious reserves as noted above.
  • 50,000 million litres
    Daily water requirements of Latur city- both for domestic and industrial purposes. The city depends on the water from the Manjara dam located 60 kms away at Dhanegaon on the river Manjara.
  • 12 Oct 2018
    Water Resources Department issues order that water supply to three industrial estates under Latur MIDC, including Latur, additional Latur and nearby Ausa be discontinued immediately. The move is to ensure that there is enough storage to meet the drinking water requirements of the two districts till summer next year.
  • 1,400
    Number of industrial units - together needing 10 million litres of water each day - that will be impacted. 80% of the units are food processing units, which would find it difficult to survive in the absence of water.
  • 6
    Number of sugar mills that continue to operate in Latur inspite of the grim water supply situation.