Women dairy farmers in Tumkur, Karnataka

Last Modified: Thu Feb 21 2019 13:10:07 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 90 litres
    Milk collected each day from 15 women dairy farmers in Somalara village, Madhugiri, Tumkur. ShivaAmma, Secretary of StreeShakti self help group for her village runs a sub-Centre where the milk is collected and then sold to Karnataka Milk Federation, which in turn supplies the milk to anganwadies across the state.
  • 270 litres
    Milk collected each day from women dairy farmers at a centre in village Taigondahalli, Madhugiri, Tumkur. The center is part of Halu Utpadakara Mahila Sahakara Sangha, a women’s cooperative of milk producers and managed by its local secretary Manjula.
  • 36,000 litres
    Milk received by the Madhugiri Chilling Centre under Tumkur dairy and acts as a nodal centres for various milk cooperatives. Milk samples are tested, chilled and loaded in milk tankers and supplied to Karnataka Milk Federation for its milk brand Nandini. Divya is a senior chemist at the centre.