Installation of solar irrigation pumps in Himachal Pradesh

Last Modified: Fri Nov 20 2020 08:33:04 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • ?
    Number of electricity connections in the agriculture sector of the state.
  • ?
    Number of pumps in the state that run based off grid power or use diesel.
  • ? crore
    Subsidy for power provided to farmers borne by the Himachal Pradesh government in 2017-18.
  • 5,850
    Number of pumps the state govt. plans to install under the aegis of its ‘Saur Sinchayee Yojana’ program. The initiative got a nod from the state cabinet in Aug 2018.
  • Rs. 5.00 lakh
    Average cost of 5HP pump. Of this the state will bear ₹ ? lakh on each pump and the centre will bear ₹ 1.6 lakh.
  • ₹224 crore
    Expenditure the govt will incur for the initiative. Under the program, 90 percent financial assistance will be provided to individual small and marginal farmers and an 80 percent subsidy will be given to individual medium and large farmers. One hundred percent financial assistance will be provided to a group of farmers belonging to the small and marginal category.
  • 1189.71 hectares
    Area of land that under irrigation based on solar powered pumps as of 2019-20.
  • 2,066
    Number of farmers in the state that have benefited from the installation of the solar powered pumps.
  • 1,210
    Number of systems installed as of 2019-20. District wise count includes: Kangra - 570, Mandi - 406, Bilaspur - 66, Chamba - 144, Hamirpur - 131, Kinaur - 13, Kulluu - 73, Lahaul and Spiti - 71, Shimla - 165, Sirmour - 108, Solan - 51, Una - 268.