Water Watch: Water supply in Lucknow

Last Modified: Sun Jun 02 2019 09:08:13 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 3
    Number of water treatment plants, located in Aishbagh, Balaganj and Gaughat, that draw water from the Gomti river and supply drinking water to Lucknow city after treatment.
  • 125 million litres
    Volume of water supplied to the city from the water treatment plants each day.
  • 100,000 million litres
    Average daily supply to city reported around 25 May leading to scarcity in areas like Aishbagh, Balaganj, Rakabagnj, Thakurganj, Yahiyaganj and Musabagh. Many residents also complained of dirty water supply.
  • 340 ft
    Minimum level of water in the Gomti river below which the water treatment plants cannot function effectively.
  • 346.8 ft
    Water level reported in the Gomti river at the beginning of May, while the average level at this time of the year is 356 ft., leading to rationing of supply. Rationing will continue until the arrival of monsoon as the Gomti river is mainly a groundwater and monsoon-fed river and levels will only dip further.
  • 25 May
    14 lakh residents, mostly from the old city, have been grappling with shortages since 10 days per reports.