Company Profile: Public Power Corporation, Greece

Last Modified: Wed Dec 25 2019 06:23:52 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 1950
    Year founded by the Greek government. Its main purpose was to plan and apply a national energy policy which, through the exploitation of the domestic products and resources, would distribute cheap electric power to all Greek citizens. PPC started the integration of all the small local grids to the national interconnected grid. Furthermore, the corporation resolved the purchase of all the small private and local electric power production units.
  • 51%
    Shareholding of the Greek government in the company.
  • 60%
    Percentage of the Greece' energy that is supplied by the company.
  • 15,300
    Estimated workforce in 2019.
  • $2.98 billion
    Amount owed by customers that struggled during the country’s economic crisis.
  • 12,760 MW
    Combined generation capacity across coal and renewable energy sources from 97 plants.