Diesel Gensets powering India's telecom towers [Dec 2016]

Last Modified: Sat Mar 07 2020 17:37:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 450,000
    Number of telecom towers operating in India based on a TRAI consulting paper published in Dec 2016.
  • 2 billion litres
    Volume of diesel consumed each year by diesel generators employed to ensure the towers receive power 24x7..
  • 5 million tonnes
    of CO2 equivalent emissions on account of diesel use.
  • 40% - 50%
    of telecom tower operating costs are energy costs and a highly polluting source at that.
  • 90,000
    Number of telecom towers (20% of total) that do not run on diesel as of Dec 2016 (based on the TRAI consultation paper).