India pledges to support domestic help during COVID-19 (with amounts)

Last Modified: Wed Mar 25 2020 03:44:24 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 17
    Approximate number of domestic helps that can stay safe at home and not worry about losing their income. [This data is not updated in real time. It will be updated every 2 hours or so.]
  • 9
    Number of people that have pledged to support domestic help in India as we all deal with the COVID-19 situaion. [This data is not updated in real time. It will be updated every 2 hours or so.]
  • Rs. 136,500
    Amount pledged to date. [This data is not updated in real time. It will be updated every 2 hours or so.]
  • Rs. 7,000
    Monthly salaries i pledge to pay to Neeta and Rukmini - domestic help at my Mom's place in Matunga, Mumbai. Both my parents are 80+ old and could do with all the help they need, but safety of these 2 wonderful women and their families win any day.
  • Rs. 13,000
    Amount I, Arvind Deshpande, pledge to pay my driver Namdeo, each month, as leave with pay until this crisis comes under control.
  • Rs. 5,000
    I pledge to help my old house help Maya Aunty, She helped us through our study days (a decade back) and made us feel at home. I will help her with 5000 monthly till the Coronavirus outbreak is controlled and she is able to join back at work in Vasant kunj, New Delhi.
  • Rs. 25,000
    Hey, it’s Archana here in Sion. Since we function only because of their help, the least I can do is continue to support Tukaram kaka, Vaishali tai and Savita ben by giving them their salaries.
  • Rs. 40,000
    This is the monthly amount we pledge to pay our invaluable home helpers Alka, Rafiq and Manisha. They make our lives wonderful and now it's our chance to make theirs a little less stressful. Our Jaihind family, are likewise taken care of. Ever grateful for each one of them.
  • Rs. 28,000
    Satish works for me fiull time. But I’m stuck out of town so I’ve asked him to watch Netflix on TV and keep the house clean. No food, no ironing, no shopping. Sunita comes to clean the house. I’ve asked her to stay at home and expect her full pay. But in this crisis I’ve paid her March salary in advance so she can buy stuff and not fret.
  • Rs.11,000
    The amount we pledge to continue to pay our house helps in the time when they have been sent on leave. This is our smallest contribution to the current situation. Aditi and Tarun
  • Rs. 1,500
    The amount i pledge to continue to pay our house help Guddi in the time when she has been forced to stay at home.
  • 6000
    Kishori (cook) Hasina (maid)
  • 6000
    Kishori (cook) Hasina (maid)
  • Rs. ?
    Told my maid not to come until this is all over. She was hesitant. I assured her no pay cut, she will get her full pay into her account. Haven’t seen her smile so much.