UK-based infrastructure investor John Laing will no longer invest in standalone wind and solar projects

Last Modified: Fri Apr 03 2020 08:12:55 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • £850 million
    (AU$1.657 billion) Amount UK-based infrastructure investor John Laing has invested through the 2010s in 38 wind and solar projects across Europe and in Australia and the US. It now intends to divest its solar and wind portfolio over the next two years.
  • $128 million
    ( £66 million) Losses in Australia that John Laing reported in August due to transmission factors on three of its renewable energy projects. This prompted the company’s decision to suspend any new investment in Australian renewable generation until it has got more clarity around the Marginal Loss Factors (MLFs). The investor has already kicked off a sale process for its Australian portfolio of renewable energy assets.