Impact of coronavirus lockdown on India's migrant population

Last Modified: Thu Apr 09 2020 17:36:37 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 3,196
    Number of migrant workers across northern and central India that were surveyed by Jan Sahas between March 27 and 29. (Jan Sahas is a civil society organisation that focuses on human rights of socially excluded communities).
  • ?
    Estimated migrant population in India.
  • 81.3%
    Unable to find work
  • 80.8%
    Have run out of rations
  • 47.8%
    Unable to return to their village
  • 15.1%
    Suffer from some form of illness
  • 8.7%
    Have issues with organizing weddings
  • 3.5%
    Wont face any problems
  • 2.4%
    Will not be able to pay for their children's education