Arrangements for Rabi 2020 wheat crop procurement in Punjab during Coronavirus lockdown

Last Modified: Sat Apr 11 2020 00:26:14 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 18.2 million tonnes
    Total production of wheat across the state.
  • 3.508 million hectares
    Land under wheat cultivation during this season. Approximately 17,500 combine harvesters were pressed into service.
  • 13.7 million tonnes
    Quantity of wheat that will be procured by state govt agencies and private parties in the state of Punjab produced in the rabi season of 2020. 13.5 million tonnes is expected to be procured by state agencies while 2.0 million tonnes will be procured by private parties.
  • Rs. 1,925
    Minimum Support Price set for procurement, per quintal, compared to Rs. 1,840 last year.
  • 3,766
    Number of mandis and purchase centres that will see major arrangements in place keeping COVID-19 crisis in mind. Measures such as social distancing with markers, clean drinking water, fumigated, cleaned and disinfected mandis and toilets will be in place at mandi yards and operations areas.
  • 15 Apr - 15 Jun
    Procurement season
  • 15 Apr - 31 May
    Window for operations at mandis.
  • 482,000
    Estimated number of gunny bales required.
  • 52,570
    Number of Tarpaulins required.
  • 32,805
    Number of Mesh Nets required.
  • 1,823,556
    Number of wooden crates required.
  • 2,700,000
    Number of coupons that will be issued to ensure regulated and staggered procurement. Coupons will be issued 72 hours in advance to tightly regulate number of people visiting the procurement centres.
  • 30
    Members that will man the central Control Room, one for each district to coordinate procurement established at Punjab Mandi Board.