Coal based power plants in India that have outlived their operational life

Last Modified: Fri Apr 17 2020 06:50:55 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 42,877 MW
    Combined capacity of coal based power plants that have outlived their standard operational lives of 25 years in India, according to data shared by the power ministry with Parliamentary Standing Committee on Energy.
  • 14,747 MW
    Capacity from western region of the country. Maharashtra and Gujarat comprises of the highest share with 4,952 MW and 4,105.6 MW of power plants respectively in the western region.
  • 11,839 MW
    Capacity in the northern region, out of which Uttar Pradesh alone contributes to around 9,132 MW capacity.
  • 9,392 MW
    Capacity from southern region, with Tamil Nadu and Telangana leading the maximum shares with 4,290 MW and 2,582.5 MW capacity respectively.
  • 6,655 MW
    Capacity in the eastern region with West Bengal having the highest 3,875 MW capacity. The north-eastern region contributes 242 MW in the total share.