Flower cultivation in the state of Tamil Nadu, India

Last Modified: Sat Jun 05 2021 08:11:14 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 150,000
    Estimated number of flower growers in the state of Tamil Nadu. Most of these growers are smallholder farmers and flowers are the main cash crops.
  • 25%
    Percentage of India's loose flower produce that is cultivated in Tamil Nadu. The state's major crops include the iconic jasmine besides rose, chrysanthemum, marigold, crossandra, nerium and tuberose.
  • 482,500 tonnes
    Production of loose flowers across the state in 2018-19.
  • 32,400 hectares
    Area under cultivation of flowers in the state.
  • Rs. 240.81 crore
    The state’s export earnings of flowers (loose and cut) in 2018-19.
  • 39%
    of cultivated area is for Jasmine followed by 22% for Rose. Bulk of the produce of these flowers is for exports to countries such as Sri Lanka, Singapore and the Middle East. For the remaining flowers, the market is largely within the state and its neighbouring areas.
  • 2,000
    Estimated number of farmers in Tiruvannamalai district engaged in cultivation of flowers. Jasmine is being cultivated on 100 acres and tuberose on 2,000 acres.
  • 3,000
    Estimated number of farmers in Erode district engaged in cultivation of flowers. Jasmine, Mullai and Merry gold flower is cultivated in nearly 20,000 acres of the district, primarily in the Sathyamangalam areas. The Sathyamangalam Flower Market is a major centre for farmers to sell their produce to traders who in turn sell the flowers in markets such as Bengaluru.
  • 2,000 acres
    Estimated land used for cultivation of jasmine in the Vedaranyam block of Nagapattinam district, primarily to grow the sambac jasmine. The flowers are cultivated in Panjanathikulam, Thennadar, Kuravapulam, Karuppampulam, Maruthur, Kadinalvayal, Vaimedu, Thagattur, and Annapettai villages under the horticulture department. Each village has about 500 to 1,000 households that grow jasmine.