The global market for carbon black

Last Modified: Sat Aug 15 2020 02:58:51 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • $25 billion
    annual turnover of the global carbon black market.
  • 55%
    Percentage of global production and consumption that comes from Asia. China accounts for nearly half of Asian consumption. The majority of the increase in carbon black production capacity expected to come about in the next five years will come out of Asia, with China leading the way.
  • 90%
    of all carbon black produced is used in rubber applications where it acts as a reinforcing filler. Furthermore, carbon black is also used as a black pigment in everything from plastics to mascara. Carbon black is also electrically conductive and can therefore be used to handle static electricity. Moreover, the addition of carbon black gives UV-protection to a material and reduces the need for UV-protective additives.