What happens to End Of Life Tyres in Australia

Last Modified: Wed Jun 03 2020 06:17:55 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 450,000 tonnes
    Over the last five years, the average End-Of-Life Tyres (EOLT) volume generated in Australia, the equivalent of 56 million passenger tyres.
  • 69%
    Percentage of recovery from tyres in 2018-19. Approximately 323,000 tonnes were recovered as follows: Re-use (85,000 tonnes), processing into products and fuels (190,000 tonnes), and Whole thermal processing (48,000 tonnes).
  • 29%
    of End of Life tyres in 2018-19 that either ended up in landfill or were stockpiled. An estimated 130,000 tonnes were disposed to landfill or on-site burial, and 13,000 tonnes were stockpiled.