Sources of water supply for Dhanbad city and surrounding areas

Last Modified: Sat Jun 06 2020 22:07:53 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
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    The Maithon Lake, from which water is supplied to Dhanbad town and its surrounding areas. Current levels 147 meters, the best level in the last six summers. According to Harendra Kumar Mishra, Executive Engineer of drinking water and sanitation department responsible for water supply to Dhanbad from the Maithon Lake, there will be not be a need for rationing in water supply at the present level and expects to supply water without delay as long as there are occasional spells of rainfall.
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    The Damodar, from which water is supplied to Jharia and parts of Katras. Current level 456 feet, much above the 440 foot level of May last year. According to Pankaj Kumar Jha, sub-divisional officer of the water supply division of the civic body Mineral Area Development Authority, present level mean there will not be need to make a temporary barrage in the river near the water treatment plant at Jamadoba during the summers when the water level dips below the 450-foot level to ensure continuous water supply to the treatment plant.
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    The Topchanchi Lake, which was de-silted last year leading to increase in its catchment area, is flowing at 38 feet and is expected to comfortably supply water for the rest of May. The lake supplies water to parts of Katras including Panchgarhi Bazar