Northern Beaches Council: Efficient Street Lights program

Last Modified: Mon Jun 15 2020 22:57:41 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • ?
    Total number of sodium and mercury vapour street lights in residential areas of Northern Beaches Council prior to the start of upgrade to energy efficient LED street lights. These lights are maintained by AusGrid.
  • 9,300
    Number of street lights from Manly to Palm Beach that will be replaced by energy efficient LEDs. The old lights take 95 Watts to power - the LEDs use just 17 Watts.
  • ?
    Average annual cost incurred by the council on electricity and maintenance.
  • ? MWh
    Projected annual savings in consumption once the upgrades are completed - enough to power about ? homes for a year
  • $1.7 million
    Estimated savings from reduced street-light energy consumption, maintenance and capital costs over the next ten years.
  • $?
    Annual savings in maintenance costs.
  • 3,000 tonnes
    Estimated annual reduction in CO2 equivalent emissions. The new LED street lighting will have significant benefits for the Northern Beaches community, by providing more effective high-quality light while delivering an 80.5% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions." - Mayor Michael Regan.
  • ?
    estimated cost of the project.
  • ?
    Expected pay back period.
  • Feb 2019
    Start of rollout.
  • ?
    Number of streetlights replaced as of May 2020.